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Gay and into sports? February 2nd, 2013
Gay and into sports?

We wanted to post something today for all the gay, bi, and questioning sports-minded guys that read BornLikeThis.  There's so many guys that don't live a stereotypic gay life, but because our schools, sports organizations, and communities aren't always gay-friendly, it's hard for athletes to buck the norm and be fully, openly who they are.  Part of the work ahead is to change how sports, fraternities, and schools see and value gay-identifying people.  Part of the work is building ourselves up so that we can be up to the challenge of coming out, whenever we choose to do it.  To reach that second goal, here are some resources for inspiration or to find support.  You will feel a lot less alone after spending some time with these websites. OutSports: OutSports is an online magazine and community site about gay athletes and athletics.  They cover national sports, Olympic sports (you must check out diver Matt Mitcham!), hot straight athletes, opinion pieces, and personal stories from GLBT athletes on their struggles with coming out and coming into their own.  There are blogs, podcasts, photo galleries, member profiles, and forums to take in. GLSEN: This organization works hard at bringing progress to schools, advocating for ...

Gay Softball League: “No Straights Allowed” June 9th, 2011
Gay Softball League: “No Straights Allowed”

A federal judge in Washington State ruled that  North American Gay Amateur Athletic Association (NAGAA), the national gay softball association, can maintain its limit on the number of straight players per team. This case initially was brought up after three men, who identify as bisexual, filed a suit against NAGAA after their team was disqualified from the 2008 Gay World Series in Seattle for violating the limit of "nongay" players. These are two completely separate issues.  I will take up the second one first. The fact that a gay sports league would discriminate against bisexual members is ridiculous. They are part of the LGBTQ community and are, unfortunately, one of the groups of people (along with Trans people) that face intense discrimination and prejudice from outside as well as inside the community. The idea that they have to prove their sexuality to their teammates in order to be on the team is such an absurd concept, I cannot even believe it is being questioned. What, they're going to somehow incorporate a porn screening process or public sexual arousal as part of try outs? I'd love to see how this judge would rule on that issue. Now to the second point: barring heterosexual people from the ...

Red Sox, Chicago Cubs to Make AntiBullying Videos June 6th, 2011
Red Sox, Chicago Cubs to Make AntiBullying Videos

In one of the more inspiring stories I've seen in a while, 12-year-old Sam Maden of Nashua, NH, an avid Boston Red Sox fan, started a petition asking the team to make an "It Gets Better" video. Maden's petition on garnered over 10,000 signatures. Maden, whose gay uncle died unexpectedly earlier this year, has passionately taken up the cause of anti-gay bullying, an issue that was very important to his uncle. “The Red Sox organization takes the issue of bullying seriously,’ said Lisa Tobin, spokesperson for the Boston Red Sox. “It is something that has touched many of us and those we love, and it is a growing problem in our community. We are proud of dedicated Red Sox fans like 12-year-old Sam Maden who have taken the courageous step of publicly standing up against bullying of LGBT youth.’’ As someone who grew up in Boston, this story makes me very happy. The Red Sox are probably the most powerful cultural influence in New England, so I feel that their message against anti-gay bullying will be well-received by many young sports fans. It is also pretty amazing to see this kind of anti-gay initiative coming from someone so young who identifies as an ...