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Michele Bachmann and the Media July 21st, 2011
Michele Bachmann and the Media

Representing Minnesota’s 6th congressional district since 2006, Michele Bachmann has only recently become a regular in the news media. From concerns over her reportedly “incapacitating” migraines to her sometimes-confusing stance on the debt debate, Bachmann is all over the Internet and television (or so I hear; I don’t watch TV). The most stirring coverage of Bachmann, however, deals with her controversial views on sexuality and the “Christian counseling” clinic she co-owns with her husband. The clinic offers a wide variety of mental health and marriage counseling, but attention has focused on its use “reparative therapy,” often referred to as “pray the gay away” treatment. The American Psychological Association denounced sexual orientation conversion therapy over a decade ago, and most psychologists, in fact, believe that attempts at conversion (often through suppression) can be damaging to the individual’s health. Her husband, Marcus Bachmann, has denied that such therapy occurs at the clinic. When asked about footage showing recent use of this therapy at her clinic, Bachmann refused to acknowledge the question. A devout Christian, Congresswoman Bachmann states on her website that she is “a member of the bi-partisan Congressional Prayer Caucus and believehe immediate consequence if gay marriage goes through is that K-12 little ...

The “Gay Girl in Damascus” Hoax Didn’t Cause Any Real Harm…Right? June 14th, 2011
The “Gay Girl in Damascus” Hoax Didn’t Cause Any Real Harm…Right?

Cross-Posted at Not Your Average Feminist Daniel Nassar and other amazing activists and bloggers who are actually living in totalitarian states think otherwise.  As reported, hoax-man Tom MacMaster kind of apologized for the lies, but in the end he feels as though he's brought light to an issue near and dear to his heart. He's even joked about writing a book about the entire process.  Tom thinks he's doing the world a great justice by speaking for a group of people, but I wonder if he's ever spoken to Syrian LGBTQ folks about their needs. Daniel Nassar has something to say to Mr. MacMaster: "I'm so outraged I can't even type well. Mr. Tom MacMaster, with due respect, has the audacity to say on the blog he created over the last two years that he did not harm anyone with his fictional writing; I beg to differ. Because of you, Mr. MacMaster, a lot of the real activists in the LGBT community became under the spotlight of the authorities in Syria. These activists, among them myself, had to change so much in their attitude and their lives to protect themselves from the positional harm your little stunt created. You have, sir, put a lot of lives, ...

“Gay Girl in Damascus” Was Actually…a Married Man? June 13th, 2011
“Gay Girl in Damascus” Was Actually…a Married Man?

The identity of the Syrian lesbian blogger that went by the anonymous "Gay Girl in Damascus" title has been revealed. The young writer who was apparently kidnapped in Syria last week is, it turns out, not a lesbian feminist after all, but Tom MacMaster, a middle aged scholar and Middle East activist living in Scotland. His wife confirmed his identity in a email to the British paper the Guardian: This story says a lot about how easily one can invent a completely different persona in today's media age. For all you know, I could be a Texas housewife! Of course, the  story begets the more important matter of how this revelation impacts the blog's message. Is it really that big a deal that MacMaster lied about his identity? Does his message about queer awareness still come across? Let us know what you think!