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Marriage Equality causes record marriage spike in NYC. January 3rd, 2012
Marriage Equality causes record marriage spike in NYC.

The numbers are in on marriage licenses issued in New York City during 2011—and the results are inspiring. More than 4,000 additional licenses were handed out this year, which marks a 14% increase from 2010. While there's no way of knowing for certain, since the city doesn't require couples to disclose their gender on the marriage application, officials have credited LGBT couples as the main reason for the jump. Considering Marriage Equality only passed a few months ago, I wonder how big of an increase we should expect in 2012? On a somewhat related note, check out the Year in Review of Marriage Equality in 2011 below:

Australia Inches Closer to Marriage Equality December 3rd, 2011
Australia Inches Closer to Marriage Equality

Recently, we featured a powerful marriage equality commercial that is being broadcast in Australia. Today, we have more good news to report. Australia's Labor Party, currently in control of parliament, has adopted marriage equality as an official policy. 397 Delegates gathered at Labor's national convention this past week to discuss elections and the direction of the party. Of that, between 250-275 of the delegates endorsed marriage equality to become an official part of the Labor platform. As a result, next year parliament is likely to vote on amending the Marriage Act- in what is called a conscience vote. Members of Parliament will not be permitted to be penalized by the party for voting in favor of, or against the party platform. Whether or not the act passes is up for speculation. The Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard personally opposes same-sex marriage but congratulated proponents of it. In an emotional scene, Finance Minister Penny Wong received a standing ovation as she took to the podium to thank the delegation: "There is nothing so persistent as the aspiration of equality" she remarked.

Parents of Dead Soldier Fight For His Rights At Home July 8th, 2011
Parents of Dead Soldier Fight For His Rights At Home

This article on CNN details the life of Andrew Wilfahrt, a gay soldier who fought and died in Afghanistan and identified as gay. He is most unusual because he came out when he was 16, but was intent on joining the military from an early age. After he died on February 27th of this year, his parents have begun to get involved in the gay rights movements in their home state, Minnesota. In the land of Pawlenty/Bachmann, it is so wonderful to see such support coming from them and their cause. Read the full article here.

BornLikeThis Team Marches in NYC Pride 2011 June 27th, 2011
BornLikeThis Team Marches in NYC Pride 2011

I, along with the other members of the BornLikeThis team here at NYU, had the pleasure of participating in the 2011 NYC Pride March yesterday, June 26. We marched with pride along with other members of the Delta Lambda Phi National Social Fraternity for Gay, Bisexual, and Progressive Men. We were also honored to be accompanied by brothers from Delta Lambda Phi chapters at Rutgers, McGill, and Penn State. All in all, it was a great turn out, and we all had a great time marching down 5th ave and making our presence known. The parade took on extra significance this year with the passage of the Marriage Equality bill in New York state on Friday night. Governor Andrew Cuomo, a firm supporter of the bill, marched in the parade along with New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn. It was truly a triumphant moment for the LGBT community. We, of course, dutifully recapped the day's events on our Twitter account, but you should also click to follow DLP's account to see our live tweets from yesterday, as well as information on any future events!!/betaxi

Are Local New York State Republican Representatives Moving in a New Direction? June 9th, 2011
Are Local New York State Republican Representatives Moving in a New Direction?

It is not uncommon for local New York local Representatives to take a favorable stance toward Marriage Equality in the State- irrespective of party affiliation. In the 2009 Marriage Equality vote, five Republican members of the New York State Assembly proudly broke with their party and voted for the S04401 same-sex marriage bill. Republican Assemblywoman Janet Duprey cited that a lesbian couple across the street from her played an instrumental role in changing her mind: "They are asking only for equal protection under the law...they deserve no less than to have the same rights and ability to share their love" Ms. Duprey added. Republican, later turned Democrat, Fred Thiele Jr. of the Hamptons voted against marriage equality in 2007 and for it in 2009: "There’s that little voice inside of you that tells you when you’ve done something right, and when you’ve done something wrong”. Thiele went on record saying that his "No" vote gnawed away at his conscious and came out publicly for the 2009 introduction of the bill soon after. The upcoming 2011 Marriage Equality Bill will no doubt pass in the assembly- but with a Republican dominated Senate, prospects seem disheartening. There is something we can all do! New ...

ScandaList: Rick Santorum May 29th, 2011
ScandaList: Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum is launching his campaign for the Presidential Primaries on June 6th. Why is this a problem? Well, if you've read our post about Urban Outfitters, you'll have some idea, but for those of you who don't let's get you up to speed. Rick Santorum is a Republican who is a former U.S. Senator. In addition to having an extremely unfortunate last name, he also holds an extremely unfortunate view about gay marriage. Maybe the two are linked? Hmmm. I digress. Santorum's made a name for himself as being an ultra conservative politician and has some interesting views on a number of topics: immigration, Hurricane Katrina and intelligent design among them. The real interesting thing about Santorum is that he's flipped his steadfastly held position on marriage equality in recent months, saying “I have no problem from a public policy point of view with homosexuality,” in a CBS News report. Interesting how his flip coincides so perfectly with the Primaries. Keep in mind this is the man who is quoted to saying that banning gay marriage ‘the ultimate homeland security issue,’ essentially arguing that the existence of gay couples and gay families represented a threat to the safety and security of the nation. As David Badash wrote ...

UPDATE: Newark Judge Suspends Marriage Deportation! May 7th, 2011
UPDATE: Newark Judge Suspends Marriage Deportation!

BornLikeThis' own Adam Banks published an article yesterday about a rally in Newark around the deportation hearing of a gay bi-national couple. Henry Velandia, a  Venezuelan native, married his American husband Josh Vandiver last year in Connecticut and was awaiting this hearing with dread, since it was supposed to be the last step before his deportation.  The immigration judge examining the case sided with the (now extremely) happy couple much to the rejoice of the protesters gathered outside. Believe it or not, this is the second marriage equality victory this week. The New York Times reported: On Thursday, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.intervened in a different immigration case involving a same-sex couple, suspending the deportation of a man from Ireland and sending his case back to the immigration appeals court, asking it to consider several possible grounds on which the Irishman might qualify for legal residency. The Newark judge who examined Henry and Josh's case cited Holder's Thursday intervention and postponed the deportation until December at the earliest, which we're definitely chalking up as a victory. I'm personally glad to see that the Obama Administration is being consistent with their statement earlier this year that they no longer would enforce the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in ...