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Obama’s Proclamation To The World August 6th, 2011
Obama’s Proclamation To The World

“The United States’ enduring commitment to respect for human rights and humanitarian law requires that its Government be able to ensure that the United States does not become a safe haven for serious violators of human rights and humanitarian law and those who engage in other related abuses.” -President Obama   On Thursday, August 4, 2011, President Obama produced new regulations for gaining entry into the United States. Above is a statement from President Obama in which he denounces those from other countries that perpetuate hate and violence, but specifically the persecution of LGBT people. The language of President Obama’s proclamation is explicitly inclusive as it applies the language “sexual orientation and gender identity”. The proclamation also specifies that entry will not be granted to those who “attempted or conspired to do so”; therefore, this makes it clear that whether you carried out the act, you will still face consequences if you were an accessory to the hatred. This order from President Obama gives the authority of the Secretary of State and Secretary of Homeland Security to gauge the threat of all immigrant or non-immigrant aliens as they attempt entry. The hope of this proclamation is to deter situations like the “kill the gays” ...

Help Trinity Place Shelter Build with Pride July 14th, 2011
Help Trinity Place Shelter Build with Pride

I've worked with Trinity Place Shelter in a variety of capacities in the past. Through my fraternity, Delta Lambda Phi, we've cooked meals, helped fundraise, and participated in overnights at the shelter. It is a fantastic ten-bed shelter that services homeless LGBTQ youth - a community that makes up nearly 40 percent of the homeless youth population, which is staggering when you consider that LGBTQ people make up only 10 percent of the general population. I recently received an email from Trinity letting me know that they launched their Capital Campaign, Building with Pride, on June 12th and have already reached the halfway mark of their $400,000 goal. You read that correctly. In less than a month, Trinity Place Shelter has raised $200,000 thanks to kind and generous donors out there who want to see that staggering 40 percent statistic shrink down to zero. The money is going to help renovate the bathrooms, kitchen, ensure on-going compliance with codes, and increase handicapped accessibility. I know that most of our readership are young people themselves, but every dollar donated will help Trinity reach their goal of $400,000. As my grandfather says, peanuts feed elephants. Please go here to donate. I should also mention, for those ...

Trevor LIVE! a Tremendous Success July 2nd, 2011
Trevor LIVE! a Tremendous Success

‎"I think of everything I've done in my career so far, my association with Trevor is the thing I'm proudest of." -Daniel Radcliffe On Monday, June 27th The Trevor Project hosted its annual east coast fundraiser, Trevor LIVE!, at New York’s Capitale Theatre. I can’t tell you how honored I am to have been a volunteer at this amazing event that benefits such an important nonprofit. The evening was MC’d by Amy Poehler (the self-proclaimed “voice of God”) and opened with an amazing performance of 'True Colors" and Adele’s "Rolling in the Deep" by PS22. That night, The Trevor Project recognized a variety of individuals and organizations that have supported the LGBTQ community in one way or another – the two signature honorees being Daniel Radcliffe and Ernst & Young. Radcliffe, who currently stars in the Broadway play “How to Succeed in Business Without Actually Trying,” took home the Trevor Hero Award, an award that recognizes an individual who serves as an inspiration to sexual minority youth and increases visibility and understanding of the LGBTQ community. Radcliffe has been affiliated with The Trevor Project since 2009 and has spoken in PSAs and countless interviews about the life-saving and life-affirming work that Trevor does ...