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BLT goes OWS November 18th, 2011
BLT goes OWS

As activists in the LGBT community, it is only natural that the team members of Born Like This find themselves deeply passionate about the rights of others. As 1:00AM broke on the morning of November 15th 2011, New York City Police Officers began a surprise eviction of the Occupy Wall Street settlement in Zuccotti Park. Streets were blocked off surrounding the park and protestors were uprooted from their tents. All their belongings were systematically thrown out. This article offers no opinion about the Occupy Wall Street movement, or their goals. It merely offers the account of one of our team members, JD, who feels strongly about the right of the protestors to assemble peacefully, and exercise free speech. 1:15AM Johnny, sitting in his office at his job doing schoolwork reads a tweet stating that the OWS movement if facing a surprise eviction from Zuccotti Park. By 1:45AM he arrives at Pine Street, observing blocked off streets and upset protestors in every direction, along with police officers. Behind the barricades there are sanitation trucks filled with tents, backpacks and people’s belongings- disposed of without any chance of having them returned. 2:00AM-4:00AM There is a standoff between protestors and police officers. The standoff remains peaceful ...

Election Day Results: Gay Men Make Local History November 12th, 2011
Election Day Results: Gay Men Make Local History

Every November, Americans vote. On November 8th, 2011, local and special elections were held around the country- signaling to our elected officials that voters have an appetite for a new direction for the nation. As the LGBT Equality Movement marches on across the nation, we witness increased diversity among the ranks of office holders. Today we have four gay and lesbian members of Congress working on our behalf every day in washington. This month, those members released a video from the LGBT Equality Caucus Hear what Congressman Frank, Polis, Cicciline and Congresswoman Baldwin have to say: On November 8th, two gay men made local history. Or rather, the Americans that elected them made local history. After a final tally of 5,121 to 4,513 Alex Morse defeated an incumbent to become Mayor of Holyoke, Massachusetts. At 22, he is neither the youngest nor the first gay Mayor in the State. But he is the youngest gay mayor ever elected... ever. Election day did not bode well for the incumbents Cincinnati, Ohio's City Council. Four Republican members were ousted, as voters remain upset about a lack of growth in the city. Chris Seelbach was there to fill the void. As a citizen, Chris ...

Living Out Loud: Johnny De Vito October 14th, 2011
Living Out Loud: Johnny De Vito

Johnny De Vito shares his coming out story in celebration of our National Coming Out Day on October 11th.

A New Frontier for Equality September 3rd, 2011
A New Frontier for Equality

For what it's worth, Alaska is a fairly unique place. Although Alaska's population falls short of a million, geographically it is the largest State in the Union. To encourage people to live in Alaska, the State has neither a sales or income tax; in fact people get paid to live there. The Alaska Permanent Fund sets aside a certain percentage of revenues from oil companies and distributes it to the people. This benefit frequently tops $1,000. Of course, Alaska is home to the world famous Sarah Palin's Alaska, hosted by the legendary former Governor. The series was 8 episodes long, and viewers had the opportunity to "observe Mrs. Palin observing nature" as the New York Times put it. Needless to say from November 2010 to January 2011 viewership dropped 40% and the series was not renewed for a second season. Alaska has also found itself in the middle of a grassroots movement for LGBT anti discrimination laws. In August 2009, Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan vetoed an LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance passed by the Assembly. LGBT people were left unprotected in this rather conservative part of the country. Now the people are putting it on the ballot to decide for themselves. A local group ...

Michele Bachmann and the Media July 21st, 2011
Michele Bachmann and the Media

Representing Minnesota’s 6th congressional district since 2006, Michele Bachmann has only recently become a regular in the news media. From concerns over her reportedly “incapacitating” migraines to her sometimes-confusing stance on the debt debate, Bachmann is all over the Internet and television (or so I hear; I don’t watch TV). The most stirring coverage of Bachmann, however, deals with her controversial views on sexuality and the “Christian counseling” clinic she co-owns with her husband. The clinic offers a wide variety of mental health and marriage counseling, but attention has focused on its use “reparative therapy,” often referred to as “pray the gay away” treatment. The American Psychological Association denounced sexual orientation conversion therapy over a decade ago, and most psychologists, in fact, believe that attempts at conversion (often through suppression) can be damaging to the individual’s health. Her husband, Marcus Bachmann, has denied that such therapy occurs at the clinic. When asked about footage showing recent use of this therapy at her clinic, Bachmann refused to acknowledge the question. A devout Christian, Congresswoman Bachmann states on her website that she is “a member of the bi-partisan Congressional Prayer Caucus and believehe immediate consequence if gay marriage goes through is that K-12 little ...

Help Trinity Place Shelter Build with Pride July 14th, 2011
Help Trinity Place Shelter Build with Pride

I've worked with Trinity Place Shelter in a variety of capacities in the past. Through my fraternity, Delta Lambda Phi, we've cooked meals, helped fundraise, and participated in overnights at the shelter. It is a fantastic ten-bed shelter that services homeless LGBTQ youth - a community that makes up nearly 40 percent of the homeless youth population, which is staggering when you consider that LGBTQ people make up only 10 percent of the general population. I recently received an email from Trinity letting me know that they launched their Capital Campaign, Building with Pride, on June 12th and have already reached the halfway mark of their $400,000 goal. You read that correctly. In less than a month, Trinity Place Shelter has raised $200,000 thanks to kind and generous donors out there who want to see that staggering 40 percent statistic shrink down to zero. The money is going to help renovate the bathrooms, kitchen, ensure on-going compliance with codes, and increase handicapped accessibility. I know that most of our readership are young people themselves, but every dollar donated will help Trinity reach their goal of $400,000. As my grandfather says, peanuts feed elephants. Please go here to donate. I should also mention, for those ...

Hate-crime Trial Underway July 6th, 2011
Hate-crime Trial Underway

"There were no words exchanged. He just pulled out the gun and did it. The victim didn't even see it coming." I still remember when the facebook remembrance groups started appearing online after news first broke about the murder of 15-year-old Lawrence King back in 2008. He was a small child who wore makeup and heels to class - someone who was completely comfortable being himself no matter what others thought.  He identified as openly gay during his life and friends say he started dressing "like a girl." King was shot point-blank in the head twice by classmate Brandon McInerney, who was 14 at the time of the shooting. Jurors heard opening statements Tuesday in King's trial. McInerney  who is being tried as an adult, stands accused of gunning down his classmate "execution-style" in their Southern California junior high school classroom. Considering there were at least two dozen students and the teacher present in the room when the shooting took place, I expect this to be a quick trial. We'll keep you updated as the story develops.

LGBT Authors Rate Their Top 5 Queer Books July 6th, 2011
LGBT Authors Rate Their Top 5 Queer Books

When I look back on my life, some of my most important moments of identity formation took place while I was reading books for English class. I had no concept of what it meant to be "gay" - let alone what the word itself meant. I fed on the subtle and more overt undertones of gay relationships found in books such as A Separate Peace, The Catcher in the Rye and Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. These books were assigned to the class for their literary merit - there was rarely a discussion in the class of the queer themes that I thought were so blatantly obvious. I saw myself reflected in these pages, their emotions, their confusion and struggle. As a frightened young boy, I can tell you there is nothing more magical than knowing you are not alone. I had no idea where to find books by queer authors - too afraid to go to the local library and search. How would I even know which ones I would enjoy and want to read over and over again? Once I entered college, my boyfriend told me about Christopher Rice, the gay son and author of Ann Rice (that woman we have to ...

Trevor LIVE! a Tremendous Success July 2nd, 2011
Trevor LIVE! a Tremendous Success

‎"I think of everything I've done in my career so far, my association with Trevor is the thing I'm proudest of." -Daniel Radcliffe On Monday, June 27th The Trevor Project hosted its annual east coast fundraiser, Trevor LIVE!, at New York’s Capitale Theatre. I can’t tell you how honored I am to have been a volunteer at this amazing event that benefits such an important nonprofit. The evening was MC’d by Amy Poehler (the self-proclaimed “voice of God”) and opened with an amazing performance of 'True Colors" and Adele’s "Rolling in the Deep" by PS22. That night, The Trevor Project recognized a variety of individuals and organizations that have supported the LGBTQ community in one way or another – the two signature honorees being Daniel Radcliffe and Ernst & Young. Radcliffe, who currently stars in the Broadway play “How to Succeed in Business Without Actually Trying,” took home the Trevor Hero Award, an award that recognizes an individual who serves as an inspiration to sexual minority youth and increases visibility and understanding of the LGBTQ community. Radcliffe has been affiliated with The Trevor Project since 2009 and has spoken in PSAs and countless interviews about the life-saving and life-affirming work that Trevor does ...

Born This Way Blog June 27th, 2011
Born This Way Blog

I've known about the Born This Way Blog for some time, but I am happy to say that I finally have the opportunity to do a write up on this site. It first came on the scene several months back; around the same time that our little website was, well, born - for lack of a better word. Paul V., a DJ based in California, is the creator of this project and originally conceptualized these sociological accounts as a coffee book back when Prop 8 was first passed in 2008. Since the site launched in January of this year, Paul V. has received a massive amount of submissions from gay men and lesbians wanting to share their stories - and those submissions aren't just restricted to the ol' US of A.  One quick look at the tags section, you'll find stories from Ecuador, New Zealand, the Dominican Republic and the Philippines to name a few. My one small criticism of Born This Way Blog is something that Paul V. doesn't really have any control over. I wish the website had more trans stories (at the posting of this article, the site only has 10 stories tagged as trans compared to 115 lesbian). I ...