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‘MHealth’ – How Cell Phones are Changing Healthcare Around the Globe September 6th, 2011
‘MHealth’ – How Cell Phones are Changing Healthcare Around the Globe

Your best friend; your number-one companion; the one that is always by your side, and there to get you out of a bind; there to connect you with your loved ones, family and friends. Of course, I am speaking of none other than your mobile phone. Cell phone usage has drastically evolved over the past decades. Whether we are whipping it out to read emails, check our Twitter updates, or snap a photo, it seems that lately we use our phones in more ways than previously thought possible—now, using them as a regular calling device seems rather antiquated. Social networks accessible through mobile devices have allowed for the rapid travel of information and communication, giving users the latest facts and news at their fingertips. Not only can you ‘follow’ the happenings of your favorite celebrities and pop stars on platforms like Twitter, but you can also get updates on the World Health Organization’s annual report, or learn what types of health interventions the United Nations Development Programme currently has in progress throughout the globe. In fact, mobile devices are being used all over the world, in developed and developing countries alike, in order to raise awareness on health issues, and as primary tools in ...

Researcher Daniel Townsend Gives a Global Perspective on HIV/AIDS July 22nd, 2011
Researcher Daniel Townsend Gives a Global Perspective on HIV/AIDS

As it was often reiterated by my college anthropology professor, “Humans, at their very core, are storytellers.” Language, gesture, cultural practices and all other forms of human interaction are designed in an attempt to communicate or share our experience of the world with one another. Perhaps, herein lies the key to understanding the potent effects that personal narrative has the potential to create. Stories shared by individuals have the power to move and shake us; to restore our spirits; to motivate us into action; to change our view of the world. Daniel Townsend, HIV/AIDS Researcher and Consultant, not only maintains complete faith in the ability of personal narratives to change the world, but he also views them as an absolute necessity to the progress of global development. Daniel Townsend - Personal Narrative by a_jajja In fact, Townsend would endure such an experience during his final year at the University of the West Indies, Kingston Jamaica, after hearing the struggles of a close friend who had recently tested positive for HIV, and was having a difficult time coping in an environment with an exceptionally aggressive stigmatization towards both the disease and the gay community. Although Townsend was already in pursuit of a career in global ...

‘Treat AIDS: Stop The Virus’ Takes a Stand Outside of the UN June 10th, 2011
‘Treat AIDS: Stop The Virus’ Takes a Stand Outside of the UN

“Fund Global Aids,” shouted over 200 individuals as they marched through New York City, from Bryant Park, on 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue, to the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, on 47th Street and First Avenue, home of several United Nations offices. June 8th marked the beginning of a three-day United Nations HIV/AIDS Summit to determine how they will address the issue of the 10 million people around the world living with disease. In light of this event, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has launched their “Treat AIDS: Stop the Virus” campaign, which manifested itself in a street-side rally calling world leaders to uphold their promised commitment to treating—and defeating—the disease. Over the past three decades, HIV/AIDS has run rampant on a global scale, infecting over 60 million individuals and claiming over 25 million lives. The rally, which was largely organized by Tido von Schoen-Angerer, MD, the Director of the Campaign for Access to Essential Medicines for MSF, was said to be created in order to get all the people on the ground level involved, demonstrating to the UN the gravity of the situation. “It is time for treatment—it is time to put an end to this disease,” said Schoen-Angerer. MSF has been on ...