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Zachary Quinto Comes Out October 17th, 2011
Zachary Quinto Comes Out

As an avid twitter follower, I found it rather odd that Zachary Quinto was a trending topic. Then I found the flurry of supportive tweets from fellow gay celebrities such as Ricky Martin. A Google search later and I found out the big news, Zachary Quinto announced he was a "gay man". The actor, known for his role as Spock in the 2009 reboot of "Star Trek", came out rather non-nonchalantly in an interview with New York Magazine. The actor made the bold statement when he was discussing his role in an Off-Broadway re-staging of "Angels in America". Unfamiliar with the play? To put it lightly it's an epic centered around the AIDS outbreak within the New York City gay community in the mid 1980's and its affect on several individuals. Quinto described the role as "the most challenging thing I've ever done as an actor and the most rewarding". He went on to state "as a gay man, it still made me feel like there's still much work to be done". So the big question is what caused the actor to suddenly be open about his sexuality? Well he answered that question himself on a blog post on his ...

Living Out Loud: Eduardo Lipe October 11th, 2011
Living Out Loud: Eduardo Lipe

I wanted to make my coming out story a bit different. Instead of writing I decided to record my story for all of you to hear. Now when I began to record my story I went on for much longer than I expected. If you look below you will see a graphic which represents a timeline that corresponds with my story. If you hover over it little dots should appear, and if you hover over them you'll be able to play my story. If you want the short form I suggest you hover over the last dot ("Coming Out Finale") over to the right. If you want to listen to it in it's entirety, I would suggest you go from left to right. Coming out is hard process for all of us, in my case it was an extremely difficult and draining experience. Find out why below:

Cause For Alarm in TV Land? May 27th, 2011
Cause For Alarm in TV Land?

Late last week Showtime announced that fan favorite "United States of Tara" would be getting the axe, making this season its last one. Many would say "another one bites the dust" but this has rang a certain alarm. If you haven't watched "United States of Tara" (considering it got the axe you probably haven't) the show is centered around a woman (Tara), played by Toni Collete, who suffers from an extreme form of Multiple Personality Disorder. The show chronicles her quest to cure her disorder and how the disease effects her family. Coincidentally she has a gay son, Marshall. Marshall is an interesting character because a huge portion of his character development deals with his internal battles with his homosexuality. At the beginning of the series he refused to adhere to any labels - although he knew he was gay he refused to be called gay. As the series progressed he went through a phase where he completely rejected his homosexuality (he forcefully dates a girl!). He ultimately accepts who he is and we currently find him in a homosexual relationship. Aside from creating a dynamic portrayal of how a psychological disorder can shape a family the show also provides insight ...