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Australia Inches Closer to Marriage Equality December 3rd, 2011
Australia Inches Closer to Marriage Equality

Recently, we featured a powerful marriage equality commercial that is being broadcast in Australia. Today, we have more good news to report. Australia's Labor Party, currently in control of parliament, has adopted marriage equality as an official policy. 397 Delegates gathered at Labor's national convention this past week to discuss elections and the direction of the party. Of that, between 250-275 of the delegates endorsed marriage equality to become an official part of the Labor platform. As a result, next year parliament is likely to vote on amending the Marriage Act- in what is called a conscience vote. Members of Parliament will not be permitted to be penalized by the party for voting in favor of, or against the party platform. Whether or not the act passes is up for speculation. The Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard personally opposes same-sex marriage but congratulated proponents of it. In an emotional scene, Finance Minister Penny Wong received a standing ovation as she took to the podium to thank the delegation: "There is nothing so persistent as the aspiration of equality" she remarked.

Queer Street Art December 1st, 2011
Queer Street Art

Having lived in the urban jungle that is New York, street art was commonplace throughout the city. Graffiti, stencils, murals, and stickers litter alleyways, streetlamp posts, and rooftops. Artists like Shepard Fairey, who made the iconic Obama "Hope" graphic in 2008, are respected for their craft. Street art originally came about as a result of political protest or unrest - so it's no surprise that there are queer street artists amongst the ranks of Banksy and Os Gemeos. One city that has gotten recent attention for its queer street artists is none other than San Francisco. With the city's queer history it is no surprise there is a potent concentration of artists within the city. The folks over at Queerty and GayCities have recently put the spotlight on various gritty artworks from San Franciscans and I suggest you head over to the sites for a look.

Election Day Results: Gay Men Make Local History November 12th, 2011
Election Day Results: Gay Men Make Local History

Every November, Americans vote. On November 8th, 2011, local and special elections were held around the country- signaling to our elected officials that voters have an appetite for a new direction for the nation. As the LGBT Equality Movement marches on across the nation, we witness increased diversity among the ranks of office holders. Today we have four gay and lesbian members of Congress working on our behalf every day in washington. This month, those members released a video from the LGBT Equality Caucus Hear what Congressman Frank, Polis, Cicciline and Congresswoman Baldwin have to say: On November 8th, two gay men made local history. Or rather, the Americans that elected them made local history. After a final tally of 5,121 to 4,513 Alex Morse defeated an incumbent to become Mayor of Holyoke, Massachusetts. At 22, he is neither the youngest nor the first gay Mayor in the State. But he is the youngest gay mayor ever elected... ever. Election day did not bode well for the incumbents Cincinnati, Ohio's City Council. Four Republican members were ousted, as voters remain upset about a lack of growth in the city. Chris Seelbach was there to fill the void. As a citizen, Chris ...

Zachary Quinto Comes Out October 17th, 2011
Zachary Quinto Comes Out

As an avid twitter follower, I found it rather odd that Zachary Quinto was a trending topic. Then I found the flurry of supportive tweets from fellow gay celebrities such as Ricky Martin. A Google search later and I found out the big news, Zachary Quinto announced he was a "gay man". The actor, known for his role as Spock in the 2009 reboot of "Star Trek", came out rather non-nonchalantly in an interview with New York Magazine. The actor made the bold statement when he was discussing his role in an Off-Broadway re-staging of "Angels in America". Unfamiliar with the play? To put it lightly it's an epic centered around the AIDS outbreak within the New York City gay community in the mid 1980's and its affect on several individuals. Quinto described the role as "the most challenging thing I've ever done as an actor and the most rewarding". He went on to state "as a gay man, it still made me feel like there's still much work to be done". So the big question is what caused the actor to suddenly be open about his sexuality? Well he answered that question himself on a blog post on his ...

Living Out Loud: Johnny De Vito October 14th, 2011
Living Out Loud: Johnny De Vito

Johnny De Vito shares his coming out story in celebration of our National Coming Out Day on October 11th.

Living Out Loud: Eduardo Lipe October 11th, 2011
Living Out Loud: Eduardo Lipe

I wanted to make my coming out story a bit different. Instead of writing I decided to record my story for all of you to hear. Now when I began to record my story I went on for much longer than I expected. If you look below you will see a graphic which represents a timeline that corresponds with my story. If you hover over it little dots should appear, and if you hover over them you'll be able to play my story. If you want the short form I suggest you hover over the last dot ("Coming Out Finale") over to the right. If you want to listen to it in it's entirety, I would suggest you go from left to right. Coming out is hard process for all of us, in my case it was an extremely difficult and draining experience. Find out why below:

Rihanna Debuts “We Found Love” September 23rd, 2011
Rihanna Debuts “We Found Love”

Did you hear? Rihanna is releasing a new album this fall. Yes you heard me right, another album! It seems like she released her last album close to a year ago...oh wait she did. Since Rihanna grabbed the world's attention in 2007 with her breakthrough album Good Girl Gone Bad she's made sure not to let go. Her follow-up to LOUD is expected to drop November 21st this year - although if you're a fellow pop guru you know it'll be online a week or two before that. The Barbadian pop diva unleashed her new single "We Found Love" via a social media campaign where she got her over 45M Facebook fans and 7M Twitter followers to unlock the song to radio and iTunes. The single itself is a continuation of the slick euro-pop sound she introduced with "Only Girl". The song, produced by superstar DJ Calvin Harris, kicks off with a catchy 90's House piano riff as Rihanna sings about finding that special person we all hope to find one day. The euphoric dance track is sure to fill dance floors everywhere and with it's current position at #3 on the iTunes charts it's sure to be another Top ...

Satan and the Attack on Families- Where do the GOP Candidates Stand on Same-Sex Marriage? August 21st, 2011
Satan and the Attack on Families- Where do the GOP Candidates Stand on Same-Sex Marriage?

Please excuse the awful title- I merely plagiarized it from the words of some of our Republican Presidential candidates. To be honest, the words I chose could have been much worse. So where do the Republican candidates stand Same-Sex Marriage? The outlook is not so good. Historically both the Democratic and Republican party platforms have opposed Marriage Equality. Although the Republican party is more overt about it. Whereas the Democratic Party supports full benefits, parental rights and protection from discrimination of same-sex couples, the Republican Party calls for a Federal Amendment defining marriage as between a "man and woman". As for President Obama, in the most technical sense, he still opposes using the term "marriage" when defining same-sex couples. Unsurprisingly, he has not explicitly said so since the 2008 campaign. Many expect the President's stance on Marriage Equality to evolve before the 2012 campaign is in full swing. Politically, it may be good for the President to wait to announce his support- after all American's suffer from a lack of long-term memory. As for the viable Republican candidates, not one of them supports Marriage Equality- and many of them oppose benefits for civil unions. Allow us to do some introductions for you. Michele Bachmann, ...

Born Like This Team Feature in Next Magazine June 3rd, 2011
Born Like This Team Feature in Next Magazine

Born Like This is proud to announce that Next Magazine has featured us in a story about our efforts on behalf of LGBT youth. The magazine covers a variety of aspects in the LGBT community both in New York City and on Fire Island. It features events, entertainment, dining, reviews and activism! We appreciate the time writer Benjamin Solomon took to talk to us. Co-founder Joe Picini put it best: “It won’t get better if you sit on your ass and wait for things to change. Our website is about empowering youth and giving them the resources to take control of their situation.” This feature is part of our ongoing effort to get the Born Like This message out.