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ScandaList: Katy Perry – the Part-time “Tranny”? July 13th, 2011
ScandaList: Katy Perry – the Part-time “Tranny”?

Katy Perry is at it again, proving once and for all that she deserves a permanent spot on this website's ScandaList. "But why?" you might be asking yourself. After all, she did write that Christina Aguilera knock-off to Beautiful - er, I mean, that positive, life-affirming "gay anthem" Firework. Perry's questionable song choices aside (You're So Gay, for one), there's a very strong chance you might not be aware of the many faux pas she's made with regard to the trans community. I'm referring to her most recent June 22nd interview with Rolling Stone, where she's actually quoted saying, "You can’t be a full tranny every day of the week. That’s an exaggerated part of my personality.” The quote's referring to her "eccentric" style and stage presence (have you ever heard Gaga refer to herself by that word? No.) but don't go looking for it in the online version - the offending phrase has been scrubbed clean. If you can grab your own copy of the print version, turn to page 74 and you'll see what I'm talking about. Perry has successfully exploited and abused the LGBTQ community more times than she's kissed a girl and liked it, but I can't say that I'm surprised ...

ScandaList: Rick Santorum May 29th, 2011
ScandaList: Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum is launching his campaign for the Presidential Primaries on June 6th. Why is this a problem? Well, if you've read our post about Urban Outfitters, you'll have some idea, but for those of you who don't let's get you up to speed. Rick Santorum is a Republican who is a former U.S. Senator. In addition to having an extremely unfortunate last name, he also holds an extremely unfortunate view about gay marriage. Maybe the two are linked? Hmmm. I digress. Santorum's made a name for himself as being an ultra conservative politician and has some interesting views on a number of topics: immigration, Hurricane Katrina and intelligent design among them. The real interesting thing about Santorum is that he's flipped his steadfastly held position on marriage equality in recent months, saying “I have no problem from a public policy point of view with homosexuality,” in a CBS News report. Interesting how his flip coincides so perfectly with the Primaries. Keep in mind this is the man who is quoted to saying that banning gay marriage ‘the ultimate homeland security issue,’ essentially arguing that the existence of gay couples and gay families represented a threat to the safety and security of the nation. As David Badash wrote ...

ScandaList: Urban Outfitters and Richard Hayne May 29th, 2011
ScandaList: Urban Outfitters and Richard Hayne

We've never added an entire corporation to our ScandaList before, but hey, there's a first time for everything. Urban Outfitters was recently exposed to lifting not just the jewelry design, but even the brand name and text-copy of an independent designer who sells on The line is called "The World/United States of Love" and features various sterling silver charms of countries and/or states with a tiny heart punched out of it. The real kicker? Apparently Urban Outfitters has a long history of ripping off independent artists. Trust me, there was more than enough reason to hate Urban before - or, rather, its founder, Richard Hayne, who we're adding to this post as well. Hayne and his wife have contributed over $13,000 to fellow ScandaList member and Republican former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, whose extremely anti-gay statements have been floating around since 2003, but have recently gotten the attention of Miley Cyrus. While I haven't been able to locate the direct quote Cyrus uses in her tweet, Santorum's gone on record saying more than enough unfounded and uneducated things about LGBT people/marriage equality. In a lengthy article published byPhiladelphia Weekly, we learn that Hayne's contributions to Santorum aren't just privately made. "When PW asks Hayne about his ...

ScandaList: Dan Gordon April 6th, 2011
ScandaList: Dan Gordon

We have a new addition to the ScandaList: Rhode Island Rep. Dan Gordon. I just recently stumbled across Gordon’s statements about the formation of a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) at one of the public schools in his district, Tiverton High. This Republican (why am I not surprised?) publicly condemned the GSA and threatened to defund the school in order to shut the GSA down – a club that he so intelligently called a “sexual meet-up group” where students go to get “sexed up.” Because, clearly, that’s what a GSA is all about – providing a place for students to have sex on school property. It has nothing to do with creating a safe space for marginalized students who experience bullying. No, of course not. That’s just crazy talk. Besides, if bullying is SUCH a big issue in our education system (it’s not like Obama had a massive Anti-Bullying Summit at the White House on March 10th or anything), Gordon’s got an easy solution to solve a problem that there have been countless individuals working on. Gordon’s solution: “Perhaps if they weren’t flaunting their sexuality or advertising it, there might be less of that bullying," No, Gordy. There would be less bullying if "taboo" topics such as ...

“The Donald” makes the Scandalist with his lack of support for gay marriage. February 18th, 2011
“The Donald” makes the Scandalist with his lack of support for gay marriage.

In an interview with Greta van Susteren, Mr. Trump is quoted as saying, “No, I'm just not in favor of gay marriage. I live in New York. New York is a place with lots of gays, and I think it is great. But I'm not in favor of gay marriage. Donald, please use that loud mouth of yours and speak out in support of gay marriage. As you say, New York City is chock full of out and proud gays, you do your business in NY, you have lots of gays working for you, why can’t you be a leader and support us?

The Old Scandalist January 5th, 2011
The Old Scandalist

1. Our most loathed at BLT? Senator John McCain, long after EVERYONE around him called for the end of Don't Ask Don't tell, including military top brass and President Obama, he was still spouting off hateful anti gay rhetoric. 2. Fred Phelps, the crazy old man from the Westboro Baptist Church (it seems that the only members left are his crazy family, thank god). He has been spewing hate for years (he had the audacity to 'protest' at Mathew Shepard's funeral). This man serves no good purpose in this society. 3. Iowa Rep, Dwayne Alons, who hatefully claims that gays are a public health risk. Stating, "Look at all that has been spent, you know, with the AIDS and with the issues related to the dying at an early age. I think life, longevity, of a lot of these folks is below 50". Alons is siding with The Family Leader, the right-wing group spearheading the battle against marriage equality in Iowa. Iowa has gay marriage, leave it alone please!