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Gay and into sports? February 2nd, 2013
Gay and into sports?

We wanted to post something today for all the gay, bi, and questioning sports-minded guys that read BornLikeThis.  There's so many guys that don't live a stereotypic gay life, but because our schools, sports organizations, and communities aren't always gay-friendly, it's hard for athletes to buck the norm and be fully, openly who they are.  Part of the work ahead is to change how sports, fraternities, and schools see and value gay-identifying people.  Part of the work is building ourselves up so that we can be up to the challenge of coming out, whenever we choose to do it.  To reach that second goal, here are some resources for inspiration or to find support.  You will feel a lot less alone after spending some time with these websites. OutSports: OutSports is an online magazine and community site about gay athletes and athletics.  They cover national sports, Olympic sports (you must check out diver Matt Mitcham!), hot straight athletes, opinion pieces, and personal stories from GLBT athletes on their struggles with coming out and coming into their own.  There are blogs, podcasts, photo galleries, member profiles, and forums to take in. GLSEN: This organization works hard at bringing progress to schools, advocating for ...

Concert Review: The Femme Fatale Tour August 12th, 2011
Concert Review: The Femme Fatale Tour

After seeing the "Circus" tour in 2009 I had my own worries about the show. Although the show itself was a triumph, the only sore spot at times was Britney herself. I'm happy to report that isn't the case this time. The show's spectacle is on par with Britney's showmanship and energy. The theme of the show is, you guessed it, a femme fatale. Britney is on the run from a man that has his eyes set on capturing her, but the catch is she isn't just on the run she's out to get him as well. In the opening video the pop icon, gun in hand, runs through alleys and streets until cops finally catch up with her setting the stage for the show opener, Hold It Against Me. The first section of the show was enjoyable as she followed with fan favorite Up 'N Down, Piece of Me, and her #1 hit 3. One of the defining moments of the show was the revival of Gimme More. It marks the first time she's performed the song since the infamous 2007 performance and what a rendition it is. Let's just say Britney pulls off a great modern day Cleopatra in ...

True Blood Double Header July 8th, 2011
True Blood Double Header

True Blood premiered to record numbers last Sunday but I wanted to hold off on a review until this week. Reason being that both episodes were available online last week (you could view Episode 2 on the HBO Go - no more advanced viewings though) and I wanted everyone to watch the 2nd if you did not online. So I was a bit disappointed in the first episode. It was tamer than usual season premieres. It opens with Sookie in a seemingly harmless world full of fellow fairies. We quickly come to discover, as with almost everything in True Blood, that's not the case. As Sookie returns to Bon Temps we come to discover she had been gone for a year (apparently 20 minutes is fairy world costs you a year of your life) and a lot has changed. One of the most notable changes was the flip of Tara's sexual orientation. Over the past couple of seasons I must admit that Tara has been dealt a pretty horrible hand with men. Who else can say the love of their life was bewitched and murdered people under the influence and a one night sex romp turned into a never ending ...

All Hail McQueen June 3rd, 2011
All Hail McQueen

“My collections have always been autobiographical, a lot to do with my own sexuality and coming to terms with the I am – it was like exorcising my ghosts in the collections. They were to do with my childhood, the way I think about life and the way I was brought up to think about life.” - Alexander McQueen On view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute is Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, a retrospective of the late artist's career. Andrew Bolton, the Institute's chief curator, has curated a spectacular exhibition that lives up to McQueen's showmanship. Bolton strays away from the conventional methods of curation and dives right into McQueen's mind. As a result the museum built the exhibition around a central theme that is omnipresent in the designer's collections: Romanticism. The exhibition is divided into six different sections: the Romantic Mind, Romantic Gothic & Cabinet of Curiosities, Romantic Nationalism, Romantic Exoticism, Romantic Primitivism, and Romantic Naturalism. Each portion of the exhibit exudes a unique personality that keeps the museum goer engaged. The “Romantic Mind” room has a rusticated and cold feel to it. The banality of the room forces the viewer to pay attention to the clothes on ...

Review: Becoming Chaz May 31st, 2011
Review: Becoming Chaz

Last week, my boyfriend and I watched “Becoming Chaz", a film that's part of the Oprah Winfrey Network's monthly Documentary Club. This touching film follows Chaz Bono, the trans son of now-deceased Sonny Bono and gay mega-icon Cher, throughout 2010 as he navigates the complexities of a balancing his relationship with acquiring a legal gender reassignment and publicly coming out. This film originally aired on OWN (yes, that is the arrogant acronym for the Oprah Winfrey Network) on May 10th at 8pm, but because I don't have the premium channels - let alone cable - I had to wait until the show appeared online before I could watch it. Chaz is an extremely lovable guy who’s spent nearly his entire life in the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean he is/was any more comfortable with all the media attention he received following the surgery and publicly stating he is trans. However, I give him a lot of credit for making this documentary. Trans voices are often silenced in the media – especially trans male voices, which is why I think it is so wonderful that Chaz Bono went out of his comfort zone to tell his story. It’s also worth mentioning that Chaz is ...