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Gay Christian Saints? October 8th, 2011
Gay Christian Saints?

Now there's three words I bet you never thought you'd see together. Well, I'm about to add one more word to the mix that may shock you: Soldiers. Yesterday was the feast day of Sergius and Bacchus, two high-ranking young officers who became martyrs in 303 in modern-day Syria. Sergius, a primicerius (commander), and Bacchus, a secundarius(subaltern officer), were tortured to death after refusing to attend sacrifices to Zeus, thus revealing their secret Christianity. The men were arrested, stripped of their rank, and paraded through the streets in women’s clothing in an unsuccessful effort to humiliate them. Early accounts say that they responded by chanting that they were dressed as brides of Christ and, according to a website created in their honor, “In prison, while singing and praying, they were visited by angels who comforted them. Calling each other ‘brother’, they claimed that in their ‘union’ they became as one, as well as one with Christ.” Union, huh. So that's what they called it back then. Sergius and Bacchus were eventually separated and beaten so severely that Bacchus died. After some additional torture, Sergius was beheaded - but not before Bacchus appeared to Sergius as an angel dressed once again as a soldier. He urged Sergius not to ...

I’m No One Special October 2nd, 2011
I’m No One Special

Today, I’d like you to meet someone. His name is Cyrus Sinai. He’s a freshman at UCLA studying anthropology. He’s interested in international development and says that one day he’d like to work for National Geographic. He’s only eighteen years old, and yet he has already lived an extraordinary and inspiring life. The son of Iranian immigrants, Cyrus started actively attending the Mormon Church in fourth grade with his mother after a road trip to Salt Lake City. “I was very spiritual . . . I was active as I could be,” he said. He still has his copy of The Book of Mormon; it’s riddled with notes, highlights, and page markers. Yet, throughout his preteen years, Cyrus noticed that his thoughts and feelings didn’t always match what he read. He was conflicted, though as a young kid, he wasn’t sure why. One day, in sixth grade, Cyrus came across a book entitled In Quiet Desperation. It told the story of a mother struggling to reconcile her Mormon faith with her son’s homosexuality. “The moment I saw that it’s like it all clicked.” Cyrus was gay. “It was a very scary moment.” For months, Cyrus was depressed and suicidal. Constant prayer, he ...

Reverend Keith Laine Delivers a Positive Message August 25th, 2011
Reverend Keith Laine Delivers a Positive Message

The Reverend Keith Lane graduated from General Seminary in New York in 2011 and is now ministering at the Episcopal Church of St. Luke in the Fields, Greenwich Village. Fr. Lane worked in business before he began his studies for the priesthood. His wife, Marion, is also active at St. Luke's as a lay leader. His positive message is inspiring in our latest attempt to show another voice for Christians- an LGBT affirming one.

Dr. Deierdre Good Delivers a Positive Message August 8th, 2011
Dr. Deierdre Good Delivers a Positive Message

Dr. Deirdre Good (ThD, Harvard Divinity School) is professor of New Testament at The General Theological Seminary, specializing in the Synoptic Gospels, Christian Origins, Noncanonical writings and biblical languages (Greek and Coptic). While she is an American citizen, she grew up in Kenya where her parents were missionaries. She is also a contributor to the blog, Episcopal Cafe. Her publications are listed in her CV.

“Hang on my beautiful gays” August 4th, 2011
“Hang on my beautiful gays”

“Hang on my beautiful gays, my men and woman who dare to be different, you are not different you are just following your heart. . . . History will continue being made, I promise you.” These are the words with which Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati addressed California’s November 5, 2008 vote against marriage equality. Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati—or, simply Ma, as her followers affectionately refer to her—leads the Kashi Ashram of Sebastian, FL, which practices an interfaith philosophy. Based in Hindu traditions, but drawing on Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, and even Atheism, Ma Jaya claims her teachings are inspired by a 1972 “experience of Christ” in which she was told to “teach all ways, for all ways are mine.” At the cornerstone of this interfaith teaching is universal love and acceptance. According to Ma Jaya, who cites her own spiritual teacher, the soul has no gender. Following this concept from the beginning of her work in the 1970s, Ma Jaya has been an outspoken LGBTQ rights activist, supporting marriage equality by performing spiritual weddings—regardless of gender—for over thirty years. In a 2004 interview, Ma Jaya explained, “I see no difference between love between a man and a man, and a woman and a ...

The Reverend Elizabeth Geitz Delivers a Positive Message June 29th, 2011
The Reverend Elizabeth Geitz Delivers a Positive Message

Award-winning author and Episcopal Priest Elizabeth Geitz has positive words for the LGBT community. Elizabeth is a newspaper columnist and Adjunct Professor at General Theological Seminary where she is Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees. Her upcoming book, I Am That Child: Changing Hearts and Changing the World, is a riveting memoir of her journey with two women of faith to a home for AIDS orphans in Africa. Her books take on gender issues and discrimination against the LGBT community; as such she has found herself at odds with the conservative Christian community. Visit her website and blog at

What Does the Bible Really Say About Homosexuality? June 8th, 2011
What Does the Bible Really Say About Homosexuality?

To many people, the teachings in the Bible are black and white; everything is literal, and there is no gray area. Sadly, many of the people that hold these views do not take the time to actually study the good book. If people really took time to examine it though, they would see the Bible is very unclear on many of the issues we face. Let's look further into what the bible really says, and doesn't say about homosexuality. There is a lovely article located on that I recommend everyone read! The article strives to decipher what the bible really says, and doesn't say about the Bible. The author, Rev. Mel White, uses the bible to come up with 8 premises that explain what he thinks the bible states about Homosexuality, and to combat homophobia. MY FIRST PREMISE: Most people have not carefully and prayerfully researched the biblical texts often used to condemn God's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender children. In this premise, Rev. Mel goes on to explain how ignorance has given rise to homophobia. He notes that Jesus says nothing about same-sex behavior, Jewish prophets never mention homosexuality, only six or seven of the bibles one million ...

BREAKING NEWS: Presbyterian Church Approves Ordination of Gay People May 10th, 2011
BREAKING NEWS: Presbyterian Church Approves Ordination of Gay People

We here at BornLikeThis are happy to report that, after a staggering 33 years of debate, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has voted to change its constitution and allow openly gay people in same-sex relationships to be ordained as ministers, elders and deacons. It's no secret that we've made it one of the missions of this website to show youth that the religious climate in this country is shifting. Religious and spiritual centers on the whole are becoming a more accepting place for the LGBT community. Cynthia Bolbach, moderator of the Presbyterian church’s General Assembly, its highest legislative body, said about the vote: “Everyone was civil. There was no applause, no cheering. It was just reflective of the fact that we are moving forward one other step.” The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) now joins a growing bloc of historic, mainline Protestant churches that have voted to accept gay clergy members and church leaders. Counted among them are the United Church of Christ, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Episcopal Church. We definitely have a long way to go before queer people are welcomed with open arms into churches across the board - After all, the largest mainline Protestant denomination, the United Methodist Church, is ...

Father Patrick Malloy Delivers a Positive Message April 18th, 2011
Father Patrick Malloy Delivers a Positive Message

Born Like This is proud to introduce Father Patrick Malloy to our team. Father Malloy has a positive message for out LGBT youth in need and wants everyone to realize that God's love is universal. Sometimes, the positive messages offered by religious leaders are drowned out by hate- there is comfort in knowing that among the 2.1 billion Christians on this earth, there are many who support the LGBT community that are not always heard.

Screw Leviticus 20:13 January 5th, 2011
Screw Leviticus 20:13

Based on what you hear in churches or from some Christians, you would think that the Bible has loads of scripture on homosexuality. After all, when people say they think homosexuality is a sin, they use the Bible as support. In reality, the Bible has very little scripture about homosexuality. One verse on homosexuality is brought up in the Bible is in the Book of Leviticus, 20:13. If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood upon them. This one little verse has been quoted by nearly everyone who doesn’t like gays, and it’s the only verse that others have against us. Everyone should ignore this verse; after all, there are many verses in the Bible that are ignored every day. There are tons of examples of rules and laws in the Bible that no one would think about using today; we are going to call them “Bad Ass Bible Verses”. For example, in Deuteronomy, townspeople are supposed to stone kids that act up. Let’s face it; no kid would make it past the age of 10 if ...

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