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Join the Team! February 2nd, 2013
Join the Team!

BornLikeThis is coming back to life in 2013, and as focused as ever on our mission of empowering gay youth.  We're back with a renewed vision of providing MORE - more connections to real world supportive resources, more life stories, more voices encouraging positive change, and more for each age group that visits our site.  We'll be gradually increasing our content over the coming weeks.  Our site will feature stories on culture and subculture, wellness, heroes, living life, and living out.  We're building on an already great foundation and we encourage you to spend some time on our site, learning more about the awesome community we're all part of, and about people who are doing so much to make the world a more welcoming and accepting place. We're also looking for amazing contributors who have something to share.  Look over the complete list of sections in the right sidebar, and if you have a feature, poem, photo, or article you would like to contribute to one of the sections, please get in touch with us at  We try to respond back to everyone, and we'll let you know if your article will be released on the site.  We welcome one-time contributors and ...

Austin Rockridge February 2nd, 2013
Austin Rockridge

Austin grew up in the Midwest and graduated from schools in Indiana and Ohio.  Austin believes wholeheartedly in the need to connect gay, lesbian, bi, and questioning youth with supportive resources in real life.  Those supportive resources might be organizations, events, books, websites, schools, workplaces, communities, or people. Austin has struggled with coming out, with finding a place to feel at home, with sexuality and relationships, and with a Catholic upbringing.  He generally is restless until his goals, either personally or professionally, are accomplished.  As the 2013 editor for Born Like This, there's a lot of meaning for Austin in helping his peers come into their own and find their place in this world. If you have questions for Austin, contact:  

Joseph Picini January 4th, 2011
Joseph Picini

Joe Picini is a '11 Alumnus of New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, holding a degree in Media, Culture and Communication and a Minor in Creative Writing. A self-proclaimed “idea man,” Joe has enjoyed working with BornLikeThis and has been integral in shaping the website’s branding and messaging, drawing on his past experience as a copywriting intern at Della Femina, Rothschild, Jeary and Partners. Joe has previously served as Vice President, Press Secretary and Secretary at NYU’s chapter of Delta Lambda Phi, the National Social Fraternity for Gay, Bisexual and Progressive men and worked as an Admissions Ambassador at NYU’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Voted one of the “15 Most Influential Students of 2010” by NYU’s Washington Square News, Joe has a long history of involvement in the LGBT Community. His freshman year, Joe went to Washington DC to volunteer with Food and Friends as part of the first LGBT-themed Alternative Break in America and, in January 2011, Joe went to the Dominican Republic to participate in the first international LGBT-themed Alternative Break, which focused on Queer advocacy. He most recently interned at The Trevor Project in Development. In addition to loving his boyfriend of over two and ...

Johnny DeVito December 7th, 2010
Johnny DeVito

Johnny De Vito is an undergraduate studying Political Science at New York University. He has emerged as a leader in volunteer service both on Long Island and in New York City. Being the oldest of three brothers, John has been wired with an outstanding work ethic and drive to help others. When approached to be a part of creating “Born Like This”, he was on board immediately. John is part of the NYU Chapter of a National Fraternity for Gay and Progressive Men. He and his brothers are becoming increasingly well known advocates for LGBT equality. In addition to becoming lifelong friends, the Delta Lambda Phi boys at NYU have partnered with several organizations throughout New York including The Trevor Project, Trinity Place Shelter and Alley Forney. They even hosted NYU’s first charity Drag Show. John has been recognized by the YMCA, the William Floyd School District and the New York State Assembly for his efforts to improve his community. Together with the “Born Like This” team, he hopes to create a safe space for young LGBT and questioning youth. Johnny aspires one day to become a Special Victims Lawyer and eventually engage in Public Service. contact johnny:

Colin Brown December 7th, 2010
Colin Brown

Colin was born in San Francisco, and is currently a Junior at New York University studying Globalization, Marketing and Environmental Studies. He is fluent in French and Spanish, and is widely traveled, and this contributes extensively to his major. He is deeply involved in campus life, and is an Admissions Ambassador, an Orientation Leader, co-president of the Men's Group through the Office of LGBT Services and the Lester Culture Club. He is also the Secretary of Delta Lambda Phi's NYU chapter and will graduate in May 2012 from Gallatin School of Individualized Study. He has become very involved in the LGBT community this year and will continue to do so through this website and through NYU. Sailing, tennis, languages and playing the piano are also a big part of his life. His parents were both airline pilots and his true dream is to become one himself one day. He has flown planes before in Europe and California, and hopes to get his pilot’s license after college. contact colin:

Eduardo Lipe December 7th, 2010
Eduardo Lipe

Eduardo Lipe is a May 2011 graduate of New York University's College of Arts and Sciences, holding a degree in Art History with a minor in Business. Originally from the New York Metropolitan Area, he spent his adolescence in Pennsylvania (Taylor Swift's hometown to boot), only to return to his home city for college. In his freshman year he found Delta Lambda Phi, the National Fraternity for Gay, Bisexual, and Progressive Men. Not only has the fraternity helped create life long friendships but it also helped develop his leadership skills culminating in his semester as Vice President. He has also had the great privilege to design posters and flyers for the marketing of several fraternity held events. When participating in the fraternity's You Are Loved glowlight vigil, created to honor the victims of recent LGBT teen suicides, he was inspired to take a bigger role in advocacy for LGBT teens which has led him to Born Like This. Having experienced a tough coming out process, he deems the focus of this website to be an important one and looks forward to helping teens all over the country. Many see him as a pop culture and music guru of sorts. Whenever he's not ...

Stephen Weisbrot October 8th, 2010
Stephen Weisbrot

Stephen is a Long Island native, but has been living in Lower Manhattan since 2009. He has a degree in Communication Design and is now working on his Bachelors in Advertising Design at F.I.T. where he will graduate in May 2013. In addition to being a full time student, Stephen works part time in the Academic Skills and Tutoring Center at F.I.T. as a tutor in a wide array of design software programs. Also, he volunteers with the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) NY Chapter, networking whenever possible. He is also in the process of building up a client base with his freelance design and advertising business venture entitled, 'The Common Aesthetic.' When Stephen is not working or in class, he has a passion for cooking, biking, photography, social media, and his Netflix account. Traveling down to Florida to visit his family is also something that he wishes he had more time to do. There's something especially relaxing about seeing a Waffle House with palm trees next to it. Stephen was delighted to be approached by the "Born Like This" team, because he finally had an opportunity to do some good and to give something back. Recently, with gay marriage becoming ...

Zaneta Rago January 9th, 2010
Zaneta Rago

Hello world! My name is Zaneta and I am currently a Masters student in Higher Education and Student Personnel Administration. I am also the founder and executive editor of I recently graduated from Ramapo College of New Jersey where I worked as the Queer Peer Services Coordinator for their Women's Center. I currently work as the Graduate Assistant for the NYU LGBTQ Student Center! I love activism and I love social justice! I identify as an Indian, Jamaican, Italian, first generation, first-generation college student, grown up under the poverty line, upwardly mobile, temporarily able-bodied, sex-positive, queer femme, intersectional feminist. There are so many communities out there, so many voices, and so many experiences. I want to hear them all, and be able to talk about them in all activist-spaces. But sometimes I can't. Let's talk about what makes us different, but celebrate what unites us. I look forward to the conversations that will happen here at BornLikeThis!