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Zaneta Rago January 9th, 2010
Zaneta Rago

Hello world! My name is Zaneta and I am currently a Masters student in Higher Education and Student Personnel Administration. I am also the founder and executive editor of I recently graduated from Ramapo College of New Jersey where I worked as the Queer Peer Services Coordinator for their Women’s Center. I currently work as the Graduate Assistant for the NYU LGBTQ Student Center!

I love activism and I love social justice! I identify as an Indian, Jamaican, Italian, first generation, first-generation college student, grown up under the poverty line, upwardly mobile, temporarily able-bodied, sex-positive, queer femme, intersectional feminist. There are so many communities out there, so many voices, and so many experiences. I want to hear them all, and be able to talk about them in all activist-spaces. But sometimes I can’t. Let’s talk about what makes us different, but celebrate what unites us. I look forward to the conversations that will happen here at BornLikeThis!

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