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Stephen Weisbrot October 8th, 2010
Stephen Weisbrot

Stephen is a Long Island native, but has been living in Lower Manhattan since 2009. He has a degree in Communication Design and is now working on his Bachelors in Advertising Design at F.I.T. where he will graduate in May 2013. In addition to being a full time student, Stephen works part time in the Academic Skills and Tutoring Center at F.I.T. as a tutor in a wide array of design software programs. Also, he volunteers with the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) NY Chapter, networking whenever possible. He is also in the process of building up a client base with his freelance design and advertising business venture entitled, ‘The Common Aesthetic.’

When Stephen is not working or in class, he has a passion for cooking, biking, photography, social media, and his Netflix account. Traveling down to Florida to visit his family is also something that he wishes he had more time to do. There’s something especially relaxing about seeing a Waffle House with palm trees next to it.

Stephen was delighted to be approached by the “Born Like This” team, because he finally had an opportunity to do some good and to give something back. Recently, with gay marriage becoming legal in New York, Stephen has taken a much greater interest in the rights and welfare of the LGBTQ community.

Nothing makes Stephen happier than lots of food (usually cooked by him) and a bunch of friends sprawled out around his apartment. Stephen’s dream is to one day own his own advertising firm on Madison Avenue and maybe a restaurant on the side if there’s enough time.

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