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Join the Team! February 2nd, 2013
Join the Team!

BornLikeThis is coming back to life in 2013, and as focused as ever on our mission of empowering gay youth.  We’re back with a renewed vision of providing MORE – more connections to real world supportive resources, more life stories, more voices encouraging positive change, and more for each age group that visits our site.  We’ll be gradually increasing our content over the coming weeks.  Our site will feature stories on culture and subculture, wellness, heroes, living life, and living out.  We’re building on an already great foundation and we encourage you to spend some time on our site, learning more about the awesome community we’re all part of, and about people who are doing so much to make the world a more welcoming and accepting place.

We’re also looking for amazing contributors who have something to share.  Look over the complete list of sections in the right sidebar, and if you have a feature, poem, photo, or article you would like to contribute to one of the sections, please get in touch with us at  We try to respond back to everyone, and we’ll let you know if your article will be released on the site.  We welcome one-time contributors and those who would like to be an integral part of this year’s team.

We are especially looking for contributors who are interested in covering local and regional stories, events, and happenings that would be of interest to a national audience.

Because some of us have been through this ourselves, we definitely respect that you might be writing from a place where it is not fully safe to be out on a national website, because of work, school, family, or any other reason on earth, so let us know if you prefer to go by your first name or a psuedonym (such as your favorite Pokemon’s name.)

Stay awesome!

- Austin
BornLikeThis publisher

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